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How to Make Money on Onlyfans Without Showing Your Face -Top Tips

So, you want to know how make money on Onlyfans without identifying yourself?

That understandable as many people also do that on YouTube, but let’s not digress. Onlyfans has quickly developed into one of the best platforms for making money on the Internet.

A lot of people are currently using the site to help their influence, popularity, and income.

But The Question Is: How to do you actually do this?

Answer: Remain anonymous by using a stage name. Then create a fun persona, highlight a niche, and find out your audience’s interests.

Create high quality images and videos, specialize in custom content, take consistent action. Read through the following article to understand in detail, the how’s, why’s and wherefores how to do it. That’s all there is to it! Well maybe there just a bit more, so just keep reading…..


The Onlyfans site is a great way to generate an income for many people.

Yet, many people have found it difficult to be successful. As most believe that you must show your face or body to enhance your success. So, can you make money on this platform without showing your face?

Like Facebook and YouTube, you can promote videos, photos, artwork, and other content. Then you can get fans who will pay to subscribe to your content profile.

So, if you’re a fitness expert, photographer, musician, artist or a content creator. This platform will enable you to increase your earnings from your raving fans.

It’s a great place for new content creators who want to connect with their followers. Even without showing their face.

Ok let’s get into how exactly you can make money. While there quite a few individuals making absolutely huge amounts of money every month, I think it’s reasonable to assume that you can make anywhere from $500 per month.

If you take consistent action of course! How To Hide Your Identity & Remain Anonymous on OnlyFans

It’s been said that people always want something they have been told they can’t have. It’s like back in childhood when you were told “No you can’t have that”.

So, when you don’t show your face, you might pique the curiosity of your viewers. It could be an enticing idea for them to find and follow you.

Once they do, you could ask them to subscribe to your profile so they could see more videos.


“Whoa,Take ‘Er Easy There, Pilgrim.” (John Wayne)

Before we get started on what to do to make money without showing your face. Let’s set out how we are going to remain anonymous in the first place.

One of the first things to think about is using a stage name or a pseudonym so that your identity is hidden. So slow down don’t jump too soon, take it easy now!

So, you need to come up with a new name, preferably one that is related to your personal brand. For example, if your real name is Arista Codd, your stage name could be “The Codrista” or “Codata”.

Your username is the first thing people will see when they visit your page, so make sure it stands out. It’s also used in many places throughout OnlyFans, so make sure it’s professional and reflective of your brand.

Then, when fans search for you, they’ll see your profile name instead of your real name. Choose a stage name, or multiple names, if you make your videos on other platforms.

Some people use a second name to avoid certain content being flagged. If you post content that’s offensive or illegal in your location.

Then using your real name could land you in legal trouble. Part of staying anonymous means not revealing your identity or location.

Therefore, it’s best to use a stage name and username. This is because even though fans can find you by typing your name and location, it doesn’t mean they know who you truly are.

The Great Cover Up – Hiding Disguising Scars, Tattoos, and Skin Marks This may seem obvious but if there is anything on your body that could be used to ID you?

If there is, cover it up, especially with clothing designed to obscure your appearance. Keep matches, lighters, vapes, cigarettes out of camera range.

If you give out your email address, consider changing it back to an old account. Log onto occasionally, just in case fans find a way to contact you online.

Any type of marking will lessen your anonymity chances.


The Woman in Iron the Mask

Well, you’re not going to show your face, are you? As that would be crazy, and besides, why would you do that?

You’re already so anonymous right? If fans can’t get a good look at you, then they can assume all they want about you from your username.

But you could go to the extreme and wear a full-face covering mask. Although that does seem extreme, but hey who am I to tell you what to do.

So, you could be the “Woman in The Iron Mask” – LOL Videos that you made in the past may still be available online.

All it takes is someone using the internet’s advanced image recognition technology. This can be used to capture enough data from your face to identify you.

Do consider deleting those old videos. You may think to some people, it’s cute and funny to see the fake me who often makes silly comments.

But, to everyone else, it’s no big deal. Anyway, a lot of fans choose to just ignore the videos that were uploaded years ago.

Ok let’s move onto what to do now that you have hidden your identity.


Creating an Exciting and Fun Persona

Creating an exciting and fun persona can still be done without showing your identity or face. When creating the persona, its best to separate from your everyday life.

One way to get your inspiration for your persona is to look at famous people in pop culture. Once you do this, you can start to sketch out your ideas.

Think about your target audience, their goals, objectives, and struggles. And then incorporate them into your persona.

When you have completed all the research work, sit down, and write out all the important details. Next, create a list of personality traits that your audience may have.

Then, add your observations, ideas, and opinions about those personality traits. This allows you to stay anonymous on the site while creating an attractive character.

When you’re finished, it’s a good idea to test it out with real people. That way, you can make sure it still accomplishes what your persona set out to do.

The attractive character will bring many subscribers to your page. The more creative your works, the more fans you’ll get on your account. You need more fans subscribing to your content to earn more.

Which you can achieve without revealing your identity. So, it is important that you keep this person in mind when you are making your decisions.

This way you will reflect this person’s qualities in your behavior. You can also take inspiration from others, such as fictional characters.

Use those ideas when creating your persona. This strategy allows you to stay anonymous while creating an attractive character.

You’ll attract more fans or subscribers to your page without portraying your face. So create an amazing persona that highlights all the aspects of your target audience.

This strategy allows you to keep your content or stay anonymous on the site while creating an attractive character. You’ll attract more fans or subscribers to your page without portraying your face.

This way, you can create an amazing persona that highlights all the important aspects that your target audience will consider when subscribing to your profile. To grow your subscribers it will be necessary to interact with them as often as possible.

You can interact with them through posts, messages, comments and in person. The more creative your work, the more fans you’ll get on your account.

You need more fans subscribing to your content to earn more. Well obviously!

So now you know how to create a fun and existing persona to understand how to make money on onlyfans without showing your face.


How to Make Maximum Money in Minimum Time?

Highlight Specific Niches and Specialize in Producing Custom Content Choose a niche and pick a topic that you are passionate about.

This should be something that you can speak about for a long period of time. If you don’t have any experience or interest.

Then find something within the following subjects, health, wealth, or relationships. Once you have your topic, research your audience: know who they are, what they want, and where you can find them.

Select a niche that allows you to make custom content that fans might not find elsewhere. It’s an essential strategy that allows you to maximize your profit on the platform.

But, quality is key to guaranteeing you the best results. Your job is to communicate your passion for your work to your fan base.

So your content should show your passion for your niche, and this will result in attracting new fans. Being friendly and engaging will help build your credibility.

With more followers, the content will be more effective and attract more fans. You need to focus on providing your followers with high-quality content.

You can choose anything from photographing other different body parts like the feet. If that does not give your ID away of course.

After getting the photos, you can use them to act out specific custom content. Don’t Show Your Age: Millennial’s control 70% of social media’s social clout.

Get to know your audience and their interests as its important when it comes to social marketing.


Sharing Regular Workouts

Sharing regular workouts or fitness tips has attracted many fans and subscribers. It’s a good idea to upload pictures of yourself.

So that you can build your image and persona before people start viewing your content. You can use your bio to tell viewers more about you and your fitness journey.

If you’re a personal trainer, you can showcase your skills. Then command more fans by conducting group and individual tutorials.

So, leverage this platform to execute your vision of being an expert. By spreading awareness about your brand.

You could use the services of professionals for recording and editing the videos for you. You can find professional people on that can help you.

You can get a huge fan or subscriber base by producing various videos. So teach your audience about the multiple workouts.

Your videos will be viewed online and will help your clientele work out harder. The videos can be about exercises like stretching, yoga, aerobics, running, and dancing.

You can get a huge fan base by producing videos teaching your audience about the many workouts. For instance, you can create content or plan for a yoga class, organize an afrobeat or dancehall class.

You may also teach your audience the appropriate ways to roller skate. These workouts will help you maximize your income.

While not revealing your identity or face. You could provide your audience with motivational content.

Also, diet plans, fitness tips, or share information about health. You can also upload videos of most of your workout or exercise sessions.

This will motivate your followers to stay active and get-fit. You can also create tutorial videos and workout routines with your followers.

You may get many followers who may want to adopt your fitness program.


Creating High-quality Videos and Pictures

To get more subscriptions on Onlyfans, it is a good idea to concentrate on the quality of videos and pictures.

So, the way to win more fans and make money on this platform is by creating high-quality content. This will attract many potential subscribers, translating to huge incomes.

Having high-quality videos will increase earnings. So, ensure you edit your photos and videos to a high-quality level before uploading them.

You need to post videos regularly, otherwise, your account will be inactive. Its a good idea to give a little hint what the next video is going to be about.

That way you will keep them wanting to come back to know more. Its a bit like a preview of the next episode we talk about……..

If you don’t know how to produce high quality videos, how to put them together or what to say. You need to learn more about video marketing. So I recommend Adam Payne’s Video Marketing Insider (VMI).

I’ve been a member of VMI since 2015, so that speaks for its self. Go check it out here.

Having Fun The OnlyFans algorithm rewards funny videos more than serious ones, so you should keep that in mind when making your clips.

There are several fun features you can use to build your engagement, like a poll or a fan-pic caption contest.


Ensure Your Page Focuses on a Topic and Not Yourself

Picking and focusing on an interesting topic and not you is the best way to succeed on the site. Create appropriate content on a specific theme or topic to cater to your audience.

The site doesn’t put in place any regulations about your fans knowing you face or identity. You can use custom content on the Onlyfans themed page, even when having a faceless identity.

Display Your Art Showing different art forms is a great way to earn money without revealing your identity.

The skills you show may vary from cooking, painting, sketches, digital arts, and many more. Everyone on this platform would want to enjoy the different, unique, and latest arts.

After enjoying viewing these arts, some will want to try them in their homes. Unique and exciting arts on your page will enhance an organic fanbase and more referrals.

The best part of using this faceless niche or approach is that you’re sure of getting more revenue. You can charge your audience for premium content.

This could elaborate more on the art you displayed on the page. Feature Particular Services

When visiting OnlyFans, not every user is looking for visual entertainment. Some users or subscribers may prefer to get knowledge that they can benefit from.

So, this provides you with the fair chance to stay anonymous on this site and still succeed in making money. For you to stay anonymous and still succeed or make money on the platform, you can look for various services.

You may consider, auditory stimulation, and other non-visual-based services you can easily provide. Before choosing the service or field, ensure you understand or specialize in it.

In order to produce high-quality content. Many users have been making a living by offering these non-visual services.

You can hire professionals here: I have made over $5864.80 using Fiverr, so I know It works.

Promote Your Top Physical Attribute If you want to get more success on OnlyFans as a faceless creator, you could promote a physical attribute.

You can identify these attributes and highlight them on your profile page. Despite your body size, you use different attributes for the promotion challenge.

For example, you can promote your big, small, and even medium whatever for your fans. It’s an easy strategy that involves figuring out your best physical attribute.

Then focusing, and then promoting it on the site.


Share or Distribute Your Exclusive Expertise

Apart from your physical and facial attributes. The platform also allows you to earn by sharing tutorials on your expertise.

The boom of selling online courses and education, you can take advantage of and use it to earn on Onlyfans. You can build a subscriber base of individuals willing to learn things from you.

The platform allows you to teach English or other most sought-after languages. You can also produce guides on recipes or how to prepare for specific occasions.

You can win a huge subscriber and fan base by teaching them about various DIY crafts and projects. The huge subscriber base translates to more income from the platform.

Writing Writing different types of content is another great way to earn and you don’t have to show your face.

You can choose exciting and trending topics to write about and post for your fans. The writing may range from poems, articles, quotes, or short stories.

Nonetheless, ensure that you get the proper format and choose an exciting topic. Experts reveal that you can consider promotional or premium information on your page.

The promo content is a unique piece that you may give to the fan for advertisement purposes. This could be free guide about something.

Then the people who read you free guide will be more likely to pay for your premium content as a subscriber.


Referral Programs

The site’s referral program provides you with a unique and passive opportunity to make contact without showing your identity or face. This unique program allows you to get a particular commission based on the number of active participants joining the program under your link.

You must invite many individuals to the platform for you to earn more money from this site. The site pays a commission on the earnings of the individual you referred earnings for up to 12 months.

Wrapping It All Up

I did some digging around and my research has shown that you can earn anywhere between $500 to $7495 monthly. Even without revealing your identity or even your face.

The site has grown since its start and is a global platform. with thousands of fans that are willing to pay for content.

Account creators can charge their own price on either a per episode basis or per video. The company charges a 20% fee of any subscription.

OnlyFans also offers ads and even sponsors several different types of content. Funds can also be earned through the referral program.

So, this platform is a great way to connect with your audience and make money without showing your face. Onlyfans Summary:

Sign up & Create stage name Set a subscription price

Use ads to promote your profile Communicate with fans

Subscribe to a few other free accounts Start creating regular content

So this is the plan so you know how to make money on Onlyfans without showing your face

Affiliate Marketing Questions Answered That Will Earn You More Money

When you are new to affiliate marketing, it is easy to become overwhelmed with information. You need a place where you can sort through the information and get practical tips and techniques to make you successful.

Well if that’s what you are here for, you are in the right place. There are a series of golden nuggets in this post so keep reading and find them all.

How to Make Maximum Money in Minimum Time?

One question is, can you learn by watching videos? Well of course Duh! Many of the affiliate marketing tips and techniques shown in videos can be learned on YouTube, but you’ll probably have to watch a few times before you get it. If you’re anything like me!

So find someone that you like and binge-watch their channel, but be careful as they’re a lot of fake gurus out there and other people who will lead you down the wrong path.

Once you take action and get the hands-on experience you will get a much better understanding of how marketing online all works.

You may become impatient when don’t get the success you want straight away.

Yes, shock horror this takes work! So what do we do to make maximum money in minimum time?

Firstly sorry but there’s no such thing as getting rich quick unless you rob a bank and I don’t recommend that LOL!

What I do recommend is affiliate marketing for those who are new to the online business and want to start making maximum money quickly.

This is because as you know you do not need your own product and you do not have to deal with customers.

You may have doubts about whether or not this works.

However, if you do not take action, you will not make any money, it is as simple as that. Sorry, but I will not BS you.

Sometimes business opportunities can be the way to make maximum money in minimum time, so check this one out.

So PLEASE take action and you will get results.

Once people trust you, you will get results in minimum time.

This can be achieved by thinking about what do your prospects want and concentrate on giving them value to your reader or subscriber.


However, what does that mean?

Well, it simply means providing answers to people’s questions, so if you have experience or can share what you know it will build trust with your potential customers.

You could research a particular answer to questions like:-


What is a Pain Funnel?

I will be answering this question later in this post, but for now please keep reading.

In the mean time please check out my FREE OLSP Academy Training


Tips to Get Free Traffic – Is a Technical SEO Specialist Required?

I have noticed that many people are struggling out there trying to make money using affiliate programs. I know how you feel because I have been there.

I have felt like that as well.

It feels like it is an uphill battle when you are out there trying to earn money online, especially if you are not getting much traffic to your website.


Traffic is never a problem as you can get traffic within minutes if you’re willing to pay for it. However, if you are low on funds getting free traffic just takes some work.

You may get frustrated because you feel like you are going around in circles and not making any progress.


If you are serious about trying to make money online and want to make a real sustainable income then you are going to have to get traffic to your website if you want your income to last.

There are many ways to bring free traffic to your website and make money. Some of them require a bit more work than others, but there are ways to do it and they are not complicated.


However, free traffic isn’t free as you have to do some work to get it, but it’s a great way to start.

First of all, you can get traffic by submitting articles to sites like or and then directing the reader to your site for more information in the form of a free report or guide.

This does two things, it provides a high-quality backlink to your site, and it will drive traffic to your site for a more difficult keyword in the 10+ KD range.

This is especially useful if you have a new site and it does not have domain authority and is a new domain.


No Seo Experte Required (SEO Specialist) or Technical Seo Specialist as they say in Germany LOL!


Golden Nugget Alert: As an enterprise content management consultant I advise using a keyword tool like and then create a test piece of content with a low keyword difficulty (KD) keywords typically I use around 25, 0 (KD) keywords within a 6000 (that’s of a lot of words I know) word blog post or use 10, 0-3 (KD) keywords.

Nevertheless, do not use more than 4% of the same keyword in each section of text related to any particular word.

The reason is the Google gods see that as you trying to gain the system, but more importantly your reader will leave your site as that does not help them solve their problem and the post will just not read well.

Once the post has ranked and it will do quite quickly with low KD scores, and then investigate where each keyword is ranked.

They may rank on say page 42 and would think, this is no good Geoff!

But you would be wrong as now it is ranked all you have to do is make a new separate piece of content solely for each keyword and then the ranking will improve and maybe even move to page one.

Don’t worry the new piece of content does not have to be 6000 words, usually 1500-2500 will suffice.

This is something that I am still doing today and it is still a good source of traffic for your website.

It’s a great way to start because you do not have to spend any money on ad campaigns.

This actual post is one of those “discovery posts” as I call them. I wonder if you can spot the keywords, I am going after.

Perhaps I will report on how well the post did ☺.


If you are not a good writer then you can also submit articles that have been written for you using a service like

But I recommend you write your own material. You can start posting in forums.


There are many forums that you can post in and get some traffic going to your site.

I also recommend you post in online newsletters. These are also free but they tend to be less targeted and more general.

You will get a lot of traffic going to your site because most people subscribe to these.

These usually provide you with some information about the products that you are promoting and if something is new or being offered for the first time.

And if you write an informative article about that product then you are golden.

So as I said no SEO experte or technical SEO specialist is required here.


The Pain Funnel – What is it and How Does It Work?

So what is a funnel used for? You may ask. Well, it’s all very well getting traffic to your site but you need to direct that traffic to your content that leads to offers that covert through a pain funnel.

Anger and pain are the most powerful of emotions. If you have broken your arm, do you shop around for the cheapest price on getting your arm healed?

Alternatively, do you rush to a neighboring emergency room as soon as you feel ill?


What is a Funnel Used For?

Developing a system for finding pain can transform the entire sales process.

When people buy, they tend to do it based on emotion and then rationalize it later. Using the pain funnel, we can find the source of the pain systematically.

As a result of the funnel, we have a better idea of how to start collecting information about the customer’s problems.


As it begins with broad queries and then filters down to suggest a solution to the pain or problem.

This can also be done using P.A.S. copy-written text that describes the pain or problem, agitates it, and then provides a solution.

This type of sales funneling is used today by many marketers, so it works.


When it comes to establishing an automated marketing funnel, market research is the most critical phase.

It’s impossible to create engaging offers and messaging that will push your prospects through funneling to act unless you understand your market, its needs, wants, and ambitions.

What kind of customers do you want to attract? Who might be interested in your offering?

The more we know about our ideal consumers, the more we can identify their pain areas and motivate them to act.


Knowing our consumers well allows us to anticipate their demands and create funnels that can address the most basic questions.

Use market research to determine who your ideal consumer is before launching a marketing campaign.

  • What do they hope to accomplish?
  • What is their biggest concern?
  • Do you mean a problem that’s so important that they can’t live without it being solved?
  • What professional goals are they aiming to achieve?
  • Was there any information about their private life?
  • What problems might they be unaware of?
  • Are they trying to satisfy any emotional demands of theirs?
  • What’s on your customer’s mind while he or she is lying awake at night?
  • What do they have to be concerned about?
  • What dangers do they fear?
  • Do they make a lot of mistakes?
  • Any suggestions for making things easier for them?
  • What beneficial social consequences do they hope to achieve?
  • Success and failure are determined by which metrics.


The more precisely you can pinpoint your marketing and messaging, the more effective it will be.

The message will be lost if our ideal customer is defined too broadly.

Even if you have an ideal consumer profile, that doesn’t imply you can’t sell to people who aren’t in that group.

In other words, it’s just a tool to assist you to keep on track when it comes to marketing and messaging.

What is Adwords Optimering?

Adwords optimering is using an affiliate tracker offering AI campaign optimization. But does optimization work?

Many people have been impressed by the claims of tracking software providers about their ability to predict your clicks.

They promise to predict your click for every advertised click. They might also be able to predict your click for some of your unadvertised clicks.

There are many different traffic sources both paid and free including the Google Adwords platform.


You could also use the services of a local marketing genius or a local digital marketing agency. If you’re going down the paid traffic route then start with a small budget of say $5 per day using Adwords optimering.

People often ask me how to make money with Adfly, but as this is really what’s called low-quality bot traffic the quality of that traffic, and it is not going to be very targeted.

So can you make money with Adfly? Well sure but probably only parts of a penny.

Golden Nugget:  Despite what google Adwords recommend (remember they want you to spend your money) only use one keyword per ad group to get a higher quality score and get cheaper traffic cost per click (CPC). So no need for an adwords konsulent (as they say in Norway) or advisor and not even an adwords annoncer as they say in France.

Social Media Marketing

There are many platforms but we will concentrate on just two namely, Linkined, sorry I meant Linkedin and becoming an Instagrammer on Instagram.

Well, I’m in good company as over 2300 people type into Google Linkined instead of Linkedin every month.

At $109,000 per member, LinkedIn has the highest average family income of any social networking site.

Whereas sites like Facebook and Twitter have an average household income of roughly $92,000.

LinkedIn members make 45 percent of business decisions, whereas Twitter and Facebook members make 25-29 percent of business decisions.

Because of this, LinkedIn will generate more leads and sales than Twitter or Facebook!

Affiliate Marketing Strategy – The Influencer Marketing Strategy

This is how it works. You have chosen some of the best converting market items you can find online. You have a website, or some other place where you can send people to that points them to the product page, and they can take the desired action, which is either to enter their email address or choose a product. When they sign up they give you their email address, if they then buy a product you get a commission.

Now, the really good thing about this strategy is that you can use this in such a way that even if some of your visitors don’t make a purchase you still have moved many of them, which means you have moved free traffic to your website, and you have moved the chance of clicks leading to sales.

Becoming an Instagrammer – Free Instagram Followers Hack no Survey or Download.

Instagram has, in recent years, become one of the most popular social media platforms and has over 500 million active users every month. Instagram relies heavily on image and video content rather than posts; hence the most creative and visually captivating of content makes it best.

There is a possibility Instagram will be removing likes shortly, and this will be so brands will not be able to see the impact of their posts during their marketing. Hence, Instagram will benefit, as more brands will put in more money for paid advertisements.

Due to likes no longer being visible, the worth of posts will be through comments and shares. Hence, if you want to be an Instagrammer you will have to work even harder to produce quality content to drive in more engagement from their customers and followers. Building your followers is the key to success and most people would like an Instagram follower’s hack that describes how to hack Instagram followers without following others.

Some of the options to gain followers may require an app download and or surveys to be completed. However, what most want is free Instagram followers hack no survey or download. Some describe this as their followers boom Instagram.

It is difficult to create and keep a relevant social media audience. But there’s nothing to worry about because there are some fairly good shortcuts that may be employed to make your social media work easier. Influencer marketing is one of these incredibly cool and successful methods.

Golden Nugget Alert: We include social checklists in our affiliate marketing series.

If you want to reach out to influential people, start with those who are active on social media.

Make sure that these influencers have views that align with those of your company

Start interacting with the content of these influencers by making comments, sharing, and liking their views

However, make sure to be genuine and authentic- try not to overdo your actions.

Make use of an ego bait strategy to engage the influencers

You can quote them on your social media or in your blog.

Don’t forget to mention the names of these influencers in positive meaning and context.

This might lead to influencers sharing your mention to their audience.

Try reaching out to them in a direct manner.

Compliment their content and ask if you can commission an article for your blog.

If you have one article from a leading influencer- this will lead to a considerable boost in your credibility and will attract others.

It is important to interact with influencers but doesn’t forget your main goal is to become an influencer yourself.

Work on producing amazing content, improve the content continuously and network for it tirelessly.

Keep several points in your mind:

Be ready to make inputs by contributing to making quality content.

Find out where the other influencers invest in their content and use these ideas to pitch your best content.

Always stay ready to be rejected in the beginning.

Make use of criticism as an opportunity to improve. Make yourself perfect with practice.

Engage in conversations on social media pages. Respond to all comments and engage with others across multiple platforms.

Make frequent posts on several social media networks. Make use of automation tools to help you in the scheduling of your posts.

How to Make Money on Instagram with Clickbank?

Do you wish to become an Instagram influencer and learn How to Make Money on Instagram with Clickbank? Many famous Instagram influencers have succeeded in launching remarkable businesses using their audience. They have made money using products from the marketplace on this platform, so yes you can do it too!

You can make money on Instagram but you need to get your fans from Instagram to your blog post or squeeze page to have the best chance of making any money.

There are many ways to use the traffic you get from this platform but I suggest two options.

Firstly, drive the traffic to a landing page. This can be an informational type page about the product or you could send them directly to a squeeze page. Then collect their email and build a subscriber list of raving fans. You will be able to promote many different offers this way. Then you can send them back to new blog posts that you make which again drives them to other offers. This has the second benefit of helping your blog posts rank in the search engines.

With the first option, you are probably not interested in collecting emails as you probably do not have any interest in the subject apart from making money from it. Far enough! So I strongly recommend the second option; that you pick a multi-faceted niche (has more than one thing you can promote) and you are interested in it. Why? Well because that will come over in your content and it will help with “know like and trust” and goodwill from potential customers. The benefit of using Clickbank is that it can also be used to promote Cost Per Action (CPA) offers as well as ebooks and video courses.

An Instagrammer and Influencer Checklist can help you get started on the right foot:-

Begin by identifying a specific niche.

The first step to becoming an Instagram influencer is to create a profile.

To be popular in everything, one should focus on one area that they are good at and know a great deal about.

Pick a niche extremely carefully, and stick with it after you’ve found it.

The specialty you choose should reflect your hobbies, but should not be limited to one product. If you want to generate money online, you’ll need hosting, a domain name, page builders, and bought traffic.

Now set up a blog on your chosen niche.


Is ClickBank a Good Affiliate Marketing Programme for Traffic From Instagram? 

Well firstly, Click Bank offers you a huge range of products in many different niches. The internet has exploded with all manner of affiliate programs and ClickBank is one of the most popular.

Influencers will continue to grow in popularity. I believe that the market in influencers will continue to grow more even as affiliate and marketer numbers grow. And most likely this trend will continue.

However, you might be interested to know that there are only 2% of affiliate marketers who are making thousands of dollars per month. Most affiliates are making less than $200.00.

Download Clickbank Marketing Checklists

How to Make a Shit Ton of Money? – The $50,000 Formula – How To Build A Successful Website With Video and Articles

If you’re looking to make $50,000 or more per month in internet marketing? In this article, I’m going to reveal the most effective way to do that. This is not some made-up formula that will produce a million-dollar business overnight. This is a process that can produce consistent profits. This formula is easy, fast, and will work if you put in the effort

1. Use paid traffic to test – This is a no-brainer. Get your head around the fact that there are billions of people on the internet not reading your messages. The majority of them are not spending their time on your business. So you have a very limited exposure potential right there and then. So you have to capture and convert your traffic into customers.

2. Leverage videos – By using videos and other social media techniques, you can attract and convert the free traffic into paying customers. The free traffic is converted into paying customers by your unique selling proposition and your product or service.

3. Always offer a free trial – This is a no-brainer. You are essentially asking your visitors whether they want to pay for the service or not. If they want to pay, they will most likely stay at your site and listen to what you have to say. If they do not want to pay, they will most likely leave. Therefore always offer a FREE TRIAL and build your business up through that. You could also find an affiliate offer that has a free trial.

4. Build a list and send links to the helpful videos that you make that also link back to your blog. This will build a never-ending cycle as you can link to other offers and boost your site SEO ranking at the same time.

The process is simple. You create your landing pages that have a unique selling proposition. In the beginning, you want to test with a small budget of say $5 per day until you understand how well or not the offer is converting.

Golden Nugget: I generally say if the offer pays out $30 in a commission then test with 3 times of paid traffic to judge if it’s going to work.If no sales happen then ditch it and test another advert or a different offer. You should be split testing your offers and landing pages in any case. So go do that!

That is critical to the success of your business. Once you have built up a small amount of traffic try and attract and convert the free visitors into paying customers by having a winning offer, It is that simple.

If you do not have a product or service to sell then you can always build a sales “pain funnel” with article marketing, and social networking, and email marketing. These differentiating factors are what make this strategy so good because they are how you build your business from the bottom up instead of the top down. This means that you always have a base of traffic feeding your funnel.

This is key to success. With any strategy you are going after consistency is the key. The more you do these tweaks and changes the better you will get at it. You will convert visitors to buyers.

Videopage Marketing – How to Use Video Marketing To Grow Your Internet Business?

A video about how to do something is a very effective Internet marketing tool. If you are looking to build a presence on the Internet, then we suggest you start using video pages for marketing your products and services. People do business with other people they know, like, and trust.

Creating a videopage that contains a “how to…….” tutorial is different than a banner advertising a product or search engine marketing as they are looking to solve a problem. You can create that sense of trust by delivering valuable helpful tutorials.

So, in today’s climate of responsive videos, the question that begs to be answered is, do you have what it takes to make a good video? So like most things it depends.

To get your video seen on YouTube you need to get it to the top of the search results by having it shared on Facebook, Tweeted by your followers or have it shared on LinkedIn, have it mentioned on your blog, or even embedded on other sites.

These are just some of the ways to get your video to your target audience. I am sure you are asking, who the hell is going to see my video? Well, you may ask that question, and I will answer it no one cares about your video, what they do care about is finding the answer to their problem or issue. Just provide the information or answers to solve pain and problems and you will get results

How To Do Video Marketing?

YouTube is the biggest video site on the Internet. It receives over 3 billion views a day so you’d think that with all that traffic there must be untold profits to be made. But it isn’t as simple as that.

First of all, it should be remembered that YouTube is a video-sharing site and the purpose of that is not to make money. It is to make free entertainment available to anyone who wants to watch it.

The traffic and views that you can generate for your video will depend on many factors such as the niche you choose, the content you produce, and the keywords you use.

This means that you need to optimize your video to drive traffic to it, or in other words, you need to get your keywords and tags right. If you don’t then nobody will find it and if nobody finds it then nobody will watch it.

Here are some things to keep in mind when you create your video to make it more attractive so that it can be found by users:

* Keep it Short – The best way to keep people interested is to keep your video brief. Typically an individual viewing a video will only be interested in one video clip so keep your videos short.

Use Interesting Captions – Your captions must be interesting and pique interest. This is important for users who like to browse search engines. If your captions are not interesting then users will click on them only to exit your page.

eLocal Internet Marketing

While this does not strictly come under the heading of affiliate marketing you certainly could offer some services using affiliate products. However, let us start thinking of a business that needs some kind of recurring service.

This could be website creation + monthly maintenance fee, SEO, or a daily social media posting on Facebook. They may be looking for a local digital marketing agency service and you may be able to help them with a digital strategy consulting with your client.

A large niche will allow you to determine whether there are any sub-niches you can target. So if you’re targeting restaurants, you might solely focus on Italian or Mexican restaurants.

Working with a few clients in your specialty can help you grow better at delivering your service. Once you’ve perfected it, you may think about expanding your specialization or perhaps working with a whole other one.

Keep in mind that these are only a few ideas to get you started.

A fun sub-niche may be the result, but the most important thing is to pick a niche/sub-niche and just get started (remember, you can always change niches if it doesn’t work out for whatever reason).

This will lead to even larger and better things in the future!

First and foremost, you’ll need a service to offer your potential customers. You’ll see how to choose a service to deliver in the section below.

1. Consider a service that you’re already competent at or that you know you can outsource to someone who can. This could include things like website design, social media management, email marketing, and SEO.

2. Make a list of your top 1-3 (if you can’t decide right away) and consider which one would be the most straightforward to complete.

That way, if you wanted to, you could start selling this as soon as tomorrow.

(ONLY IF NEEDED) Use this step if you can’t use steps 1 or 2.

There are a few options available to you here:

a.) Discover a service you can offer via YouTube or a blog.

b.) Find and purchase a paid course or a template that you can use to learn and provide a service.

c.) Look for someone to whom you can delegate your work. It could be a friend or someone you found on Fiverr, or another freelancing website.

Here are some services you could provide.

Management of social media

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Website creation and upkeep

Management of Reputation

What Should Your Local Digital Marketing Agency’s Name Be?

While it’s important to choose a name for your local business or agency, you shouldn’t overthink it. You can create your agency name using the following simple formula, which you can use to brand yourself on your website, social media, and business cards.

Your first/last name/first + last name + the terms “media,” “growth,” “agency,” “solutions,” and “360”

You can also use to assist you to come up with a domain name for your agency.

Go Enter 2-3 keywords separated by a space.

When you click “Generate,” you’ll see a list of TLDs (.com, net, and so on) and variations for your domain name.

When you’ve found the one you like, look for the word “Registrar” in the top right corner of the website.

This is where you’ll purchase your domain name; there are many different registrars to choose from; simply click the “Host” drop-down box and select the one you want.

Clicking on any domain name will take you to the registrar’s website. Once you reach there, you may need to input your domain name in the “Domain” area.

Staying Organized

Use some kind of Customer Relationship Management tool (CRM). Go get a free or a paid one, but get one. Keep track of any interactions with customers with this as well as updating any new information with this (emails, phone numbers, people, payment information).

Team members will need access to certain things for you to complete a project. Make sure and keep track of any login information or any other “need to know” project info and make it easy to share with your team.

Stay organized with your daily tasks by having a way to make quick checklists. DO NOT overload yourself with a ton of tasks. Add your biggest task/priority and finish that FIRST. I recommend you don’t add anything else until it’s done. If you have to, think of 1-3 things that you absolutely have to get done that day and ONLY focus on completing those before moving on to anything else.





Google To-Do Sheets:

A digital agency is a firm/company that provides technical, strategic, and design solutions using innovative technologies. Such agencies offer creative solutions to their clients with their main focus being advertising products and services in the digital space. The digital marketing sphere is characterized by constant evolutions as people continue to initiate and embrace innovative technologies.

The first step when starting your digital agency is defining/identifying your niche. Segmenting your market not only makes onboarding easier but further creates a strong proposition thus giving you an added advantage. When defining your niche, consider the following:

Who are the users of your products?

How do you intend to reach your selected niche?

Why do they use/want your products or services?

What demographics do your clients fit in?

What are the needs of your target clients?

Is your target client able to pay for premium services?

What solutions are your products/services solving?

What is your unique selling proposition?

Are your products/services targeting one specific industry?

Who are your competitors in the selected niche?

Is your selected niche digital-friendly?

How scalable is your selected niche?

What are the gaps and opportunities in your selected niche?

Where does your target client look for information?

Does your selected niche have the potential for growth in the long term?

Have you consulted a professional/expert in your selected niche?

It is important to understand the opportunity scope of your selected niche in terms of obscurity and popularity. Ask yourself whether the niche is too new that people are unaware of it (and therefore slimmer profit margins) or is it too popular and thus too expensive to navigate?

One to One Internet Marketing Coaching

One of the most important factors for your success in affiliate marketing or any training is having a coach or mentor who can provide one-to-one coaching. However, like most things in life, this comes at a price, very high price in this case with some mentors charging tens of thousands of dollars. Anything from $5000- $45,000 and beyond.

I have been making money online since 2007 and have a good idea of who to trust and more importantly who to steer clear of. The reason I mention this is because I have found free affiliate marketing training academy that is worth well over $5000. Yes really!

The difference with this is the guy that runs cares about helping people on the journey to becoming successful.

And you’ll see inside the group there are tons of people that have had success for the first time online. I started making money with CPA marketing and then moved onto on to Fiverr. But during 2021 made my first affiliate sales of $266 with this group, not life-changing just proving the training works.

So it’s very important you get to the end of this training and finishing it because they are so confident in the training they will give you $20 so you complete it. They are pretty much the only people online that do this.

This training can change the way you think about this online game and how it can help hopefully change your fortunes.

One thing liked straight away is the fact that he did not sit here like many other people tell you his entire life story, how many millions he’s made, or show you a Lamborghini because he does not have one. But what you are going to learn is things that are going to catapult you forward in this industry.

He has created a community of people that work together to achieve the same goal.

Once you join you will start with the boot camp that sets out a step-by-step system, and then you can move on to further training. However, there’s more, much more… By going to the group you get access to a done-for-you affiliate marketing system at zero cost. But more of that later.

This is not a get rich quick scheme, As you go through you’ll see that the average person does make money with this. They can’t guarantee commissions but If you do not do anything, you will not make money.

The Bootcamp has videos training inside it, and you must finish it within 14 days. But it’s only 2 hours in duration so no excuses! There are approximately 14 videos, that’s one video per day, one module per day anyone can achieve this. And again, treat this as a business, because if you treat it as a hobby you will only make hobby money.

So you can be sure about what skill level you’re at, even if you’ve just learned what email is, you’ll be able to go through this step by step. And you walk away with tons of skills and being able to leverage the system.

They cut out all the stuff you don’t need, and go straight to the things you do need. I’ve been through this training many times in different forms, someone told him to charge $5,000 for it. But it’s free – yes really! But now it even gets better.

Done For You Affiliate Marketing – Done For You Sales Funnel?

You would like done for you affiliate marketing? Is a done for you sales funnel? Done for you webinars? And done for you newsletter service? Well, I’d bet you would, wouldn’t you?

Now imagine you had a team to make it happen for you automatically with all the support staff, including copywriters for sales, also follow-up emails, graphic designers to work for you. All at zero cost?

You would probably need around 12 people to sort out all the emails, marketing, advertising, but you would also need to understand how it all fits together. Well, imagine you’ve got a marketer, helping you make it happen. Someone who had that has invested millions in his business and loves helping people.

Done For You Sales Funnels – All Streams of Income

Now you hear all the time online and in business. And you’ve probably heard this multiple times yourself, you need multiple streams of income.

Well, let’s forget that as I’m here to give you a new term, “all streams of income”. They have tons of streams of income, and you will make a commission every time they make a sale for you.

They do product launches, warrior plus products, and high ticket coaching.

Every time they make a sale you make a commission, think about that. Remember this, as we go through this training, everything is done for you.

All the following is done for you:-

Done for You Newsletter Service

Done for You Social Media Marketing

Done for You Marketing Funnel

Done for You Affiliate Sales Funnel

Done for You Sales Funnel System

Done for You Webinars

Now you get access to all those streams of income without having to write newsletter emails, create websites, create follow-ups, you don’t need to call people or message people all day long. You don’t need to do anything like that as the team is taking care of all that for you.

So they do all the work for you forever. You get your high converting done for you webinars and Facebook lives. It is built on a community, you also get connections to the top marketers now in this game.

And one of the things to ensure you make more money is being able to connect with the big marketers. That’s hard to do. It’s impossible to do when you’re new.

You don’t need to hire a copywriter that can cost $300 per hour. Or pay $100 for just one email, all of that is taken care of for you. You don’t have to worry about graphic designers, you don’t have to worry about coders, you don’t need to have a product or the support that goes with it.

They take care of all the support. Remember, this is all free. 

There is even a traffic team that deals with all the traffic sources for you, which will come more apparent as you go through the training. But what that does is people will start to get to know you get to like you and get to trust you and what you need to be successful with affiliate marketing.

Ok so if you to join us just go here and you will get access to the  training to start with and you will also be receiving checklists from me Geoff Matthews every week to help you on your way.

Disclaimer: The information on this website is correct to the best of my knowledge. I can’t promise that you’ll make money as I don’t know your work ethic. Please be careful when marketing online and seek legal advice if necessary. The information contained here is for training purposes and I have no control over how you will use it.Some of the products on this site are affiliate offers…so I may be compensated if you take advantage of these

Why Does My Google Ad Not Show Up

So why Does My Google Adwords Ad Not Show Up?

When used the right way, Google Adwords can be a very effective way to get your offer in front of customers.

Google Adwords is a powerful tool when used correctly, but publishers can have trouble understanding how it works.

There are a number of reasons why an Adwords ad campaign can prevent an ad from showing up.

Many people find Google Adwords to be complicated, especially at first. There are a number of basic mistakes that can be made when using Google Adwords.

These mistakes can end up wasting a lot of time and money.


For example, many people spend a lot of time and effort on their Google Adwords campaigns, only to find out that their ads are not showing up on Google Search results.

Make sure your ads always shows up with our Google Adwords Checklists Put your credit card away its FREE! Well apart from you providing your email.

When people do find their websites on Google’s search results pages, they often find that their ads are not displaying correctly.

This can be very frustrating for people because they spend so much time and money on their ads. When an ad doesn’t show up, a lot of people will stop using it.

To avoid this problem, it is important for people to understand each of the different factors that go into Google Adwords ads. These factors include keywords, advertisements, and bids.

These four factors work together to ensure that your business has the best possible chance of showing up when people search for keywords related to your business.

The Google Ads is a great platform, but it is also true that Google Ad campaigns aren’t the easiest to manage. Here is a list of reasons why your ads are not showing up and you need to do.


Keywords Are The Key – Well duh!

When you take the time to do keyword research before creating a Google Adwords campaign, you’re more likely to ensure that you only bid on keywords that are most relevant to your business.

This can help to ensure that you only spend funds on search terms that are likely to drive customers to your door.

The keywords you choose are the foundation of your campaign – if you use the wrong keywords, your ads might not show for relevant searches, or they might actually show for searches that you never expected – and you might pay a lot of money for clicks that are actually irrelevant to your business.

Google does not allow you to have more than 30 active keywords in each ad group. Try to use Google’s keyword planner tool to get a list of keywords that are most likely to drive traffic to your website or landing page.


When you add keywords to your ad group, you should add one keyword at a time, and make sure that the keyword you choose is related to your ad group’s purpose.

Your ads are not showing because the phrase or keywords you chose in your display URL does not match the keyword phrase someone searched for.

Give your ad a shot, Try using a different keyword (or phrase) and see if you get a better response.

One reason might be that the ad’s keyword is spelled incorrectly, which can be fixed with simply changing the ad’s keyword.

Another common reason why ads are not showing up is that businesses advertise keywords for their ads that do not match their landing page’s keywords.

For example the advertiser is advertising the keyword microphone but their landing page is marketing microphones).

Your ad group’s name doesn’t exactly match your keyword or search phrase.Your ads are not showing because the phrase you write in your Headline does not match the keyword phrase someone searched for.


Your ads are not showing because the phrase or keywords you chose in your description text does not match the keyword phrase someone searched for.

Even the best copy and landing pages won’t sell if they don’t include the right keywords.Take some time to research keywords related to your business and include them in your Google Adwords campaigns.

Your campaign might be targeting very broad keywords, so use exact and phrase match. Try using different keywords (or phrases) in your Display URL and in your ads.

Keep in mind that when people click on your ad, they will be taken to whichever page you chose in the Display URL of your ad, so if you want them to go to a different page, be sure to choose a different Display URL in the ad or ad group setup.

You can also hire professionals on to manage your Adwords account.

When you add keywords to your ad group, you should add one keyword at a time, and make sure that the keyword you choose is related to your ad group’s purpose. Use one keyword per ad group to ensure your ad is really targeted.

Keywords are the foundational part of your ad campaign. It is what sets you up for success or failure on Google Adwords.Create a list of different keywords that people might search for to find your business or offer.

Use those keywords as the basis for your ad groups.Keywords play a very important role in your Google Adwords campaigns. The Google Adwords Advertising Platform – Ad Extensions Tips, Tricks & Stuff The ad extensions you include in your Google Adwords campaign can impact the way that your ad is displayed.

For example, including call extensions and site links in your ads can help to remind people that your business is a phone call away, and encourage customers to contact you.

If the problem is not driven by a keyword problem, then an advertiser might just need to submit a new ad for verification and approval, or to update their ads to show larger text in the ad extension section.

Make sure all text sizes are larger than 12px in the ad extension section so that your ads will stand out in the mobile ads section. Submit a new ad for verification and approval, or update your feed to show larger text in the ad extension section.

Add multiple images, videos, and interactive maps to each advertisement extension. Gather insights from a customer’s interaction with the ad extension, like click rate, location, and more.

Use Dynamic Re-marketing to show your ads to people who saw or clicked on your site but didn’t convert. Use re-marketing lists for Search Ads to show your ads to people who are actively searching for what you offer.

Make sure that your landing page is in the same directory as your Google site map (or XML sitemap). Your Google site map provides Google with all the pages on your site that you want it to index.If your pages are not on Google’s index page, then they won’t appear for your targeted keywords.

Setting a campaign objective (e.g., CLICKS, SALES, CONTACTS, REVIEWS) Creating a proper ad group.


Setting budgets.

Managing your ads and tracking performance. Setting up conversions and traffic sources.

There are many tools in Adwords that can help a small business grow. Setting a campaign objective is the first step in creating an ad group.

Setting up conversions and traffic sources helps in tracking performance of ads. Conversions include people that have completed our goal; for example: Conversion: click to buy, sign up, transaction Logged in as a subscriber, or required to fill out the contact form to request a quote.

There are multiple options for your ads that you can choose from: text ads, image ads, and video ads. The billboard-style ads that appear on web pages are called text ads.

For example, this makes your ad’s message a bit more visual. You can add images and video to your ads.

Don’t Be Cheap, Pay the Man – Well Google duh! I know its temping when you see the cost per click is $2.00, and you think boy I cannot afford that.

That’s going to cost me a fortune! I’ll just bid $0.50. Well my friend your ad will never show up unless you show Google that you are serious in business.

If the keyword cost per click is $0.90 to ensure that you ad shows up always start off with bidding $0.90. As you will never actually pay that. But more importantly Google will see that you are serious and are more likely to show your ad.


So don’t be cheap now!

You will be able to gradually reduce the cost of your clicks over time.

So thats when you become more profitable and then you can ramp up your traffic budget and make more money.

Once your ads do start to show up check a few of the ad groups that have the highest clicks, cost and impressions to ensure that they are all packed around the same theme and topic.

After using the Google Adwords campaign for a few weeks, check a few ad groups to see where most of your clicks and conversions are coming from.

If you find that more than one ad group is generating most of your clicks, that is likely a sign that your site may not be optimized for conversions.

And it might mean that you should start advertising more than one keyword phrase in your Adwords campaign.

Targeting your ads based on the type of device using your ad network can help ensure that your ads show to the right people at the right times.

If your account is new and you have no ads showing, Google needs to know more about your business before it can display your ads.

First, add your business to Google My Business, and verify it on Google and Bing. Then you can submit a new ad.

You might be able to skip this step if you’ve used other services on Google before. But please make sure to still add your business to Google My Business!

Make Sure Your Ads Show Up – an Adwords Checklist is included with our affiliate marketing checklist series here….